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Please continue to check this website for information on future events and activities related to this project.

Public meetings on the Grand Crossing Rail Project were held on December 12, 2011 and March 26, 2012 at Grand Crossing Park Field House, and on December 13, 2011 and March 28, 2012 at Sherwood Park Field House. In addition, a Community Meeting was held on May 17, 2012 at New Beginnings Church. The format at each of these meetings featured an open house where attendees viewed exhibits and an audio-visual presentation and spoke with project representatives, and a formal session with Q&A.

Please click here to view the presentation and other information that was presented at these meetings.

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Community Involvement Activities

The project team is using IDOT's Context Sensitive Solutions process for the Grand Crossing Rail Project – an approach that involves the public in identifying the transportation issues and community values that will be considered during the project's environmental review. The project team will continue to meet with the public and elected officials at key decision points during the study. All comments are encouraged and welcomed throughout the project. Click here to comment.

Community involvement activities include:

Public Meetings: Prior to key project decisions, public meetings will be held. During these meetings, the public will have an opportunity to learn about the Grand Crossing Rail Project, speak with project representatives, and provide their input on the project.

Community Advisory Groups: Two Community Advisory Groups have been formed: one for neighborhoods in the northern part of the Grand Crossing Rail Project study area and one for those in the southern part. These groups of community leaders and residents will meet periodically to discuss the community's thoughts and ideas about the project. Click here to view the meeting summary and materials and minutes from the Community Advisory Group meetings.

Public Hearing: When the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is published, a formal 45-day public comment period will be held, which will include a public hearing. This hearing will be similar to previous public meetings, but will have a more formal process for recording comments and discussion.

Stakeholder Involvement Plan

The project team developed a Stakeholder Involvement Plan for the Grand Crossing Rail Project as a guide for communication and outreach throughout the project. It is a dynamic document that will be updated periodically to reflect the evolving communications needs of stakeholders and the project team. To read the Stakeholder Involvement Plan, click here.


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